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There's no substitute for the real thing

When it comes to the security of your workplace, you will be hard pressed to beat onsite manned guarding, particularly out of hours.

Security of personnel during office hours is of paramount important to any business, but what about the security of the premises when everyone has gone home?

While CCTV is a deterrent for would-be thieves, it can never be a substitute for onsite security personnel.

At Storm Operative Security, our 22 years of experience in the industry tells us the most effective method of protecting your building is by employing a professional security guard.

Here's why:

Reactive, not observational

Unlike CCTV cameras, a security guard is onsite to immediately handle a situation, rather than merely providing video evidence post event. 

It stands to reason that an onsite physical presence is an active deterrent to potential intruders. Thieves can often thwart a camera but the threat of being apprehended or chased by a trained security professional is likely to make prospective offenders look elsewhere for a softer target.

Similarly, intruders may be slowed by new locks, burglar alarms or reinforced doors, but if there is no one onsite to provide physical intervention then given sufficient determination a thief will get what they want. A combination of preventative security measures is of course the best option.

Peace of mind 

A uniformed guard on the premises will certainly provide a reassuring presence for personnel - especially for anyone leaving late and particularly on dark nights.

The security professionals supplied by Storm are more than happy to go the extra mile - they will walk employees to their car if they feel at all nervous or offer additional assistance that others may consider to be outside of their remit.

Their presence and care has the added benefit of positively impacting staff morale, making them feeling as though they are being looked after, content in the knowledge that their employer has invested in their welfare. Importantly it also significantly reduces the risk of anything untoward out of working hours.

As well as providing peace of mind for employees, visitors to your office will get a good impression when they are greeted by a smart, smiling, uniformed security guard. 


Posted by Julie Tucker


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