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Security guards can boost the morale of office staff

The principal role of security personnel is to protect their employers assets from damage and theft - be that property, stock or intellectual property - and of course to enable a safe environment for staff and visitors. 

What is perhaps underestimated however, is that the onsite presence of trained security professionals can also go a long way to boosting employee morale, in the long run helping businesses attract and retain the most talented workers.


Recent research suggested that around 60 per cent of UK employees have a fear of potential workplace scenarios such as theft and the presence of unauthorised or dangerous individuals in their offices, they even fear physical violence at work. Surprisingly 63 per cent of those surveyed admitted to having experienced such a situation and a similar number stated that they feared for or worried about their personal security at work.

Respondents were found to be optimistic that increased security measures such as manned guarding would significantly improve their welfare with 60 per cent stating that they would feel more comfortable in the office if they knew that effective security measures were in place. Almost 70 per cent of those surveyed suggested there was room for improvement in the security provision of their current workplace.

This is a clear indicator of how security has a direct impact on staff morale. A company that cares for the safety of its employees automatically boost the confidence of its workers to come in to the office without the worry of the potential theft of their personal effects, not to mention the possibility of unauthorised individuals gaining entry to their place of work.

Indirect benefits of the onsite presence of trained security professionals can lead to improvements to employees' wellbeing at work, thereby increasing productivity.

• Workers will be able to focus on their jobs in the knowledge that the premises in which they work are safe and secure.
• Even those employees who don't feel at risk of attack or theft may have their loyalty to the organisation boosted by the knowledge that their employer prioritises the safety of its staff.
• The presence of a security guard on reception gives a good first impression to any customers, clients or prospects who visit the premises, demonstrating a commitment to the safety of everyone in the building.
• Employees who may need to work late or irregular hours will feel more at ease and more productive in the knowledge that they are not in the building alone.

An organisations best assets are its personnel. Investing in manned guarding is a simple way for businesses to make their workforce feel both safe and appreciated.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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