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The real price of security solutions revealed in BSIA research

The BSIA has published a white paper commissioned to establish the importance of making security solutions purchasing decisions based on quality, rather than price alone.

‘The (Real) Price of Security Solutions’ authored by Associate Professor of Finance at ESCP Europe Business School, Dr Terence Tse, looks at the challenges of buying and selling high-quality security solutions, and was sponsored by Securitas and ATEC Fire and Security, both BSIA member organisations.

 The paper explores the debate over price versus quality when it comes to the buying and selling of security solutions, with the aim of identifying the relative advantages and disadvantages of low-priced and high-end solutions. Principal findings suggest the clear benefits for end users of considering and deploying high-quality security solutions. There are advantages too for high-quality security providers which rather than simply compete with each other on price, would be better off collaborating with their clients to develop a good understanding of their requirements so as to be able to provide relevant solutions to meet short and long-term needs.

The research was the brainchild of past Chairman of the Association, Pauline Norstrom, who spoke of the issue in her final address to the Association. “I’ve been in the industry some 16 years, before that in tech marketing across a broad spectrum of industries,” said Norstrom. “I have seen the industry rush to the cheapest price to win the bid.

“I hope that the white paper will enable us all to communicate the valuable benefits of procuring solutions on the basis on quality.”

Quality security personnel should meet the exacting standards required to manage all facets of security whilst simultaneously presenting an excellent front of house profile and demonstrating high levels of customer service. Often the first impression of a business, quality security personnel are a valuable asset and well worth the investment.


Posted by Andrew Miller


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