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Protecting your physical, intellectual and online business assets

Getting on in business is challenge enough without having to handle the threat of criminal activity, which could come in many guises and attack different parts of your organisation.

The safety of personnel and premises can be managed with the deployment of a manned security presence, which despite continuous advances in technology, still represents the most effective deterrent against crimes committed on business premises.

When it comes to protecting your cyber security, technological advances become the cyber criminals’ key to the door of your online assets.

A recent report by the UK Government’s Public Accounts Committee has revealed that it is ‘struggling’ to recruit sufficiently skilled staff to fight the rise of cyber-crime. In light of serious and well documented data security breaches at the likes of Tesco and TalkTalk, the committee has urged Government to establish well defined protocol for protecting the myriad data held on behalf of the public sector.

It describes a veritable ‘alphabet soup’ of agencies currently assigned to protect the nation in cyberspace. MPs are concerned about the lack of coordination across the wider public sector and the apparent absence of a definitive governing body taking overall responsibility for the protection of Britain’s cyber data.

Chair of the committee, Labour MP Meg Hillier commented: “Government has a vital role to play in cyber security across society but it needs to raise its game. Its approach to handling personal data breaches has been chaotic and does not inspire confidence in its ability to take swift, coordinated and effective action in the face of higher-threat attacks.

“The threat of cyber-crime is ever-growing yet evidence shows Britain ranks below Brazil, South Africa and China in keeping phones and laptops secure. In this context, it should concern us all that the Government is struggling to ensure its security profession has the skills it needs.

“Leadership from the centre is inadequate and, while the National Cyber Security Centre has the potential to address this, practical aspects of its role must be clarified quickly. Government must communicate clearly to industry, institutions and the public what it is doing to maintain cyber security on their behalf and exactly how and where they can find support.”

Posted by Julie Tucker

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