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Lone worker safety 'a relatively unexplored area'

One topic that many employers could be focusing on more closely as they seek to improve overall security is lone worker safety, according to an expert.

Nicole Vasquez is one of the key figures in the Lone Worker Safety Expo, an annual event that will return to the Olympia conference centre in west London on March 28th 2017.

As a representative of Worthwhile Training, Ms Vasquez has been a regular speaker at the expo in recent years. The series of events was initiated by Robert Kaiser, chief executive of personal protection equipment supplier PPSS Group, six years ago.

Ms Vasquez said the one-day conference provides an opportunity for employers and security professionals to learn more about best practice and innovative thinking relating to the management of risks to lone workers. Businesses can learn more about this topic from a health and safety, security or human resources perspective.

She told Professional Security magazine: "Because it's a fairly new kind of issue, for a lot of organisations, there's not really been anything concentrated on lone working.

"The conference is a really nice, informal environment, so people are invited to ask questions; but there's also an opportunity for people to network, and find out in a more informal way from those speakers, pick their brains and get more in-depth information."

Talks lined up for this year's event will look at successful strategies and methods in lone worker protection, as well as pitfalls for employers to avoid.

In addition to Ms Vasquez, the range of expert speakers at the Lone Worker Safety Expo 2017 will include Walter Brennan, managing director of Oliver Brennan Training. Before setting up his training firm, Mr Brennan worked at the high-security Ashworth psychiatric hospital in Liverpool and was involved in the development of a number of risk assessment tools.

Attendees will also hear from Patrick Dealtry, managing director of the Lone Working Group and author of the original draft of the lone worker standard BS8484, which was requested by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Business owners and office managers seeking to improve their security standards in 2017 might be interested in attending some of the other events due to take place over the course of the year.

Professional Security magazine's Security TWENTY conference series will be returning, getting underway with the ST17 Midlands event at the East Midlands Conference Centre at the University of Nottingham on February 9th.

This expo is free to all attendees, from security firms to interested parties who simply want to find out more about the latest developments in the UK's private security sector. Exhibitors will include the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, which will have business crime reduction experts on hand to deliver advice to local firms that want to improve security.

The ST17 series will continue with events in Dublin (April 5th), Harrogate (July 4th), Glasgow (September 5th) and Heathrow airport (November 2nd).


Posted by Andrew Miller

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