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How to create a harmonious workplace in 2017

There are many reasons why it's important for managers to focus on making their workplace a harmonious, happy environment.

Employees are much more likely to be productive and efficient if they feel comfortable in their surroundings. Furthermore, it will reflect badly on your company if there is any sort of negative atmosphere or signs of conflict when existing or prospective clients come to visit.

So what steps can you take to make the office environment as positive as possible?

Deal with workplace conflict in the right way
There are different types of workplace conflict, and they need to be handled in different ways.

When it comes to clearly unacceptable behaviour, such as workplace bullying, most employers take a zero-tolerance stance.

When it comes to enforcing this position, having a dedicated security service on-site can prove extremely useful.

If you have concerns that any instances of bullying or friction between employees could escalate and possibly turn violent, professional security personnel can intervene to keep everyone safe and restore order.

There are other, more common examples of workplace conflict that need to be handled in a different way. If two employees get into an argument or fall out over a purely professional matter, for example, it might be that both individuals want to achieve the same thing or have valid points to make, but have different ways of going about it. In situations like this, a good manager should be able to step in and help to achieve a positive resolution.

Promote positive communication
Good communication is critical to a happy workplace. It can take many forms, from co-workers feeling comfortable enough to have informal chats with one another over lunch, to team members having the confidence to raise more important issues related to employment or the business with their managers.

There are several techniques that can help to improve communication, such as encouraging people to have discussions in person rather than relying on email.

It can also prove beneficial to ensure that all managers set a positive example by interacting with the workforce and engaging with individuals.

Having a strong culture of communication can contribute to security within your organisation, because people will be more prepared to speak up about any issues related to workplace safety or potential dangers.

Recognise good performance
Failing to acknowledge positive performance by employees is a big pitfall that managers should make every effort to avoid. Disengagement and dissatisfaction can spread quickly if people feel their hard work is going unnoticed, especially if they are making a special effort to do something their managers have asked of them.

If you notice someone going above and beyond or working particularly hard to get a difficult job done, recognise the effort they have made. 

Sometimes, a small gesture like talking to someone in person and showing that their hard work has been noted can be enough to boost morale in the workforce. This will help you to make sure your workplace is happy and productive throughout 2017.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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