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How to keep your premises safe over Christmas

There are many actions you can take to keep your business premises as safe as possible during ordinary trading periods: employing front-of-house security guards or mobile security to offer protection on the move, for example.

But what about unusual times of the year such as Christmas, when there is a very high chance that offices and other commercial properties will be vacant for longer periods than usual?


This poses a big security risk, with opportunistic thieves and intruders likely to be on the lookout for soft targets over the festive season. Winter also brings extended hours of darkness, making it easier for criminals to operate.

Fortunately, there are a number of approaches your business can take to address this threat. One of the first steps is to conduct a thorough assessment of the premises, making sure that there are no obvious weak points where an intruder could easily gain entry.

Paul Phillips, technical manager at the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), underlined the importance of checking that there are no obstacles that could obscure the view of any CCTV cameras or stop security sensors from functioning properly.

Mr Phillips also stressed that all existing security measures should be checked to ensure they are working effectively.

"Perhaps you should consider buying new equipment or upgrading; with the relative falling price of technology, something you dismissed previously might now be within your reach," he added. "For example, you might buy a system that enables you to see the view from your CCTV cameras whilst you are away from your property via a smartphone application."

Smart technologies are likely to become increasingly important and useful for businesses looking for new ways to protect their premises, particularly over the vulnerable winter months. These innovations are becoming more popular and sophisticated all the time.

In addition to smartphone and tablet applications that allow you to keep an eye on your premises via CCTV, there are automated verbal warning systems that could scare intruders into making a swift exit.

Whether you choose to make use of such technologies or not, it's crucial to remember how important it is to have basic measures in place, such as good lighting that keeps all areas - both inside and outside the property - clearly illuminated at all times.

The BSIA also underlined the value of security measures such as intruder alarms, which can be connected to a monitoring station to guarantee a rapid response from your security service.

"Having an alarm system in place is hugely beneficial, particularly if it is monitored by an alarm receiving centre, giving owners peace of mind that a trained respondent will be able to react accordingly to any alarm raised," the industry association said.

By preparing in advance and making sure that your business premises are protected with effective, reliable security measures, you can ensure that Christmas comes and goes without any problems this year.


Posted by Andrew Miller

Image courtesy of iStock/Sinanmuslu


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