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How to stay vigilant to security threats

If your business has been fortunate enough to enjoy a long period of success and stability, without any commercial disasters, security threats or other such problems to deal with, it can be easy to become complacent about potential risks.

As far as security is concerned, complacency can be one of the biggest dangers for a business. The fact you haven't been targeted in the past doesn't mean you never will be.

So what measures can you put in place to ensure you stay vigilant at all times and keep your premises, people and assets safe?

Use a professional security firm
Enlisting the services of a professional security provider is one of the most effective ways of protecting your business. Having a dedicated, visible security presence at the main entrance to your premises - and any other entry points or weak spots that might be targeted by criminals - will ensure you have a good view of the situation around your business at all times.

Manned guarding can also be one of the most effective deterrents to thieves or intruders on the lookout for poorly protected buildings to target. 

This is one of many services that an experienced, accredited security firm can provide.

Encourage staff to take responsibility
Your employees could potentially be a weak link in your security if they are not given the proper training and information about basic practices.

Get your staff involved in keeping the business safe by offering training on some of the potential threats to your company, showing them how they can contribute to better security.

Start with the basics, such as encouraging employees to be on the lookout for any unusual activity around the premises and reminding them not to share sensitive information with anyone outside the firm, particularly people they don't know. 

Engage with other businesses
It's mutually beneficial to share information about potential security risks with other businesses, even if they are your competitors.

If you are open and communicative with other organisations - particularly those located nearby or operating in the same industry - then they are more likely to reciprocate when they have useful information to share with you.

Criminals often use the same tactics to target businesses or premises similar to those they have attacked before, so keeping yourself informed about recent security incidents can prove extremely useful.

Never overlook physical security
In our modern age of digital attacks and data breaches, it can be easy for businesses to be so concerned about cyber security that they overlook old-fashioned threats like breaking and entering or physical theft.

It's crucial to remember that the smallest weakness in your physical security could be enough to provide an opening for an opportunistic criminal. Just one incident could have a huge impact on your business, affecting everything from employee morale to your reputation with clients, not to mention your financial situation.

Having the right security and protective measures in place will drastically reduce these risks and put you on the right path to future stability and success.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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