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Why security is important to office productivity

Office managers have many day-to-day considerations - overseeing personnel issues, making sure the workplace is properly stocked and checking that all equipment is working as it should be, to name a few.

Another big concern for many bosses is productivity. Is the workforce performing as well as it should be, and if not, what changes can be made to address the situation?

There are many factors that could affect productivity and employee output in the office, but one that some managers might often overlook is security. In order to feel motivated and engaged in their work, employees first need to feel comfortable and safe.

It's therefore extremely important for employers to show that they recognise the importance of workplace security and are willing to invest in measures to protect their staff.

One way of making an immediate improvement to security within your organisation is to commit to a dedicated service such as manned guarding. This can help to keep all of the assets and people on your premises safe, while presenting a reassuring and professional front-of-house image to visitors.

Mobile security services can help protect people and valuable items safe on the move, while professional security consultancy can help you to understand your company's unique profile and requirements.

Investing in provisions such as these will contribute to peace of mind and confidence throughout your labour force, ensuring that people come to work happy and ready to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.

Other strategies to boost productivity

There are many techniques office managers and team leaders can employ to get the best out of their workers. These could include:

•    Encouraging regular breaks to ensure that people are not working too hard and running the risk of burnout. This will also facilitate communication and engagement within the workforce, boosting morale.

•    Getting rid of pointless meetings. Offices can be places of habit, with the same people attending the same meetings week in, week out, even if these meetings are viewed as largely pointless or counterproductive. Don't be afraid to change things if you think it could boost productivity.

•    Offering fun incentives and rewards to keep people motivated and happy. It could be something as minor as a box of doughnuts or some other treat to be passed around on a Friday afternoon, or a monthly office quiz.

•    Making a special effort to speak to all members of the workforce in person - especially those who spend a lot of time working alone or who have recently joined the company. This will help to ensure that everyone feels like part of the team and is willing to work hard for their colleagues.

Small but meaningful actions such as these, combined with important measures like having a professional security service in place, could do wonders for productivity and lay the groundwork for success for your company over the coming years.
Ensuring certain security standards is a good first step to better office productivity.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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