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Retailers Against Crime offers security tips

One of the best ways businesses can deter thieves and other criminals is by recognising their presence and compromising their anonymity, according to a national crime partnership.

Retailers Against Crime (RAC), a non-profit body that was established in 1997, offered a number of tips that could help organisations protect themselves against offenders. While some of the recommendations focused on the retail industry, the advice is just as relevant for firms in other sectors, particularly those handling goods that could attract the attention of thieves.

RAC pointed out that offenders "thrive on anonymity" and are likely to leave the premises if their presence is acknowledged by a member of staff or a security guard. Having a visible, professional security presence on-site can prove particularly effective in this regard.

One simple strategy is having people who represent your business - whether they are security professionals or employees whose job involves greeting visitors to your premises - to approach any suspicious individuals and ask: "How can I help you?"

Another recommended practice is having people alert other members of staff if they have noticed any questionable activities, to ensure that everyone is aware of the issue.

Finally, RAC stressed the importance of calling the police and reporting the crime if anyone is ever detained for theft, breaking in to your premises or any other offence. This will make it clear that your organisation takes a hard line on crime, which could deter any potential future offenders thinking of targeting your business.

Maxine Fraser, national operations director of RAC, which is based in Stirling and has over 1,500 members in the UK, said companies that make a concerted effort to protect their people and assets from criminals are likely to benefit in a number of ways.

"Businesses that invest in crime reduction measures and education to deter crime will help create an environment where staff feel supported, businesses thrive and customers want to return," she stated.

"We are often asked, 'How do I recognise who is committing crime in my premises?' The answer is simple: you never really know who they are. Always trust your instinct. If you feel that something is wrong, it usually is."

If you want to give your employees, clients and anyone visiting your commercial premises maximum confidence about safety, one of the most effective ways of doing so is by investing in a professional security service.

Manned guarding, for example, can improve your front-of-house security and access control, as well as helping to ensure that potentially vulnerable areas like car parks are monitored and protected.

Mobile security can also prove highly beneficial if you need to ensure that valuable assets are kept safe on the move, while investing in visible crime deterrents like CCTV cameras will show criminals that your business is not a soft target.

Posted by Julie Tucker

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