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London workers urged to secure bikes

There are many things employers and office managers can do to maximise the safety of staff and their belongings, such as taking part in events and campaigns to raise awareness and get people taking action to protect themselves from criminals.

One such event is Cycle Secure Week (September 12th-18th), which urges the increasing number of cyclists on the streets of London to lock their bikes securely and security-mark them to deter thieves.


The event is organised by Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), City of London Police, British Transport Police and BikeRegister. It coincides with the annual Cycle to Work Day on Wednesday September 14th, which is set to see more than 30,000 people commuting by bike in the capital.

Over the course of the week, City of London Police officers will be hosting free two-hour bike marking sessions at locations including Bank Junction, London Bridge and Queen Street.

Marked bikes can be added to BikeRegister, the UK's national cycle database and registration initiative, which aims to reduce bike theft, identify stolen bikes and return them to their owners. More than 550,000 bikes are already registered on the system, which is used by every police force in the UK.

Cyclists are also advised to secure their bikes with two good-quality locks. Employers can help workers keep their bikes secure by passing on this advice and making people aware of schemes like BikeRegister.

PC Stuart Ford from City of London Police said: "Using a reliable, secure lock can decrease your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Having your bike marked can help us reunite you with your property in the event it does get stolen. Registering your bike will help us do this, so if you own a bike, get it marked with BikeRegister."

Detective Chief Inspector Will Young, of the MPS Roads and Transport Policing Command, added: "The MPS takes bicycle security very seriously and is determined to stop cycle thieves at all costs. However, cyclists can also do a lot to help secure their rides and I urge all bicycle owners to get their bikes both security-marked and registered online at the earliest opportunity, if they have not done so already."

Recent years have brought a steady increase in the number of passengers using bikes to travel to and from railway stations in London. Inspector Tony Lodge from the British Transport Police pointed out that this has created more opportunities for thieves who target bikes because they are relatively easy to steal and dispose of.

As well as passing on advice and guidance that will help employees to protect themselves and their belongings, employers can invest in professional security services to make the workplace as safe as possible.

Manned guarding could prove an effective deterrent for thieves looking for bikes or any other valuable items to steal, while consulting with a security firm will help you identify any potential vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.


Posted by Andrew Miller

Image courtesy of iStock/VictorGrow

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