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What can you do to secure your workplace?

Workplace security is a serious issue no matter what type of industry you work in. As well as helping to secure your premises against loss of vandalism, taking the correct security measures will also protect your workforce.

One of the most important actions for office managers to undertake is to ensure they have all the best security measures in place for the business. This means simple solutions as well as high-tech options.

Creating a checklist of areas that need higher security focus, as well as the types of utilities that are best suited can enable you to create a fully secure working environment. Here are some simple tips that could help office managers ensure their workplace is as safe as possible:

Create a security routine

One of the simplest ways to improve overall security measures is to make them a part of the daily work routine. There should be a schedule of checks to make at different points throughout the day that will highlight any high-risk areas or things that are out of place.

Ideally, the day should start and end with these checks to ensure that there are no signs of forced entry, doors and windows are secure and the alarm system is fully functional. It may also be beneficial to perform checks part way through the day, especially if workers arrive and leave in shifts.

Install CCTV

One of the best security measures to invest in is CCTV. This will allow you to provide evidence if any damage is done to a workplace or if it is broken into. It can also help discourage internal issues, such as staff theft.

Setting up CCTV in the correct way can also ensure you get the most out of it. This means positioning cameras to allow for the best view and to reduce any blindspots. It may also be worth placing CCTV cameras in areas that are quite prominent, as the fact that a premise has security cameras can often be enough to discourage perpetrators.

However, it is important that you check the laws surrounding CCTV usage, as it is important not to point cameras at staff members in an illegal way as this could mean action is brought against the organisation.

Monitor entry

Access control systems are a good option when it comes to securing entrances and exits as they can only be accessed with the use of a key card or code, which will ensure that no one can gain access to a premises without  legitimate reason.

It is important to remember that codes will need to be changed if a member of staff with access leaves the organisation, while key cards will need to be reclaimed in order to ensure maximum security.

Not only will this create a more secure workplace, it will allow you to monitor who is coming and going so you are more likely to see if any visits are out of place. You may also want to combine access control with CCTV to fully monitor all entrances into the workplace.

Manned security

Of course the most effective and professional method of security is that of manned guarding which can provide any building with an on the spot front line of defence. Uniformed security personnel on a reception represent both safety and customer care and provide the optimum level of security to meet the requirements of any business.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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