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New tool launched to help London firms improve security

Businesses based in London now have access to a new tool designed to improve risk assessment and provide ideas on how organisations can respond to any potential security threats.

The Safer Spaces self-assessment scheme has been developed by business membership organisation London First, in collaboration with experts and professionals from various companies and the police.

It has also received the backing of the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (Mopac).

The tool consists of a survey of 30 questions divided into four sections, which focus on the main risks to your business, community engagement, the right security measures for your organisation and how to manage security.

After completing the survey, you will be given a general summary of the current security situation for your business and some recommendations on possible steps to make improvements.

This is an entirely independent, stand-alone self-assessment process, meaning there is no obligation to go ahead with any further work or security measures if your company is not yet ready to do so.

The tool is designed to be quick and easy to use, with simple advice on how to address weaknesses and improve security, sometimes without incurring costs.

In a statement introducing the Safer Spaces scheme, Mopac and London First underlined just how important it is for businesses to ensure their security arrangements are up to standard.

"The success of your business depends on many things, but one is providing a safe and secure environment for your customers, employees and visitors," they advise.

"Such an environment will help reduce the incidence and impact of crime. Without good security, and the trust which flows from it, your staff, premises and the space around you will be at a disadvantage compared to your competitors - and could lose you money."

The launch of the initiative was marked by Stephen Greenhalgh, deputy mayor for policing and crime, who noted that criminal offences against businesses have repercussions for all members of society.

When companies are targeted by criminals, it puts these organisations at risk and endangers jobs, as well as pushing up the cost of goods, services and insurance.

It is often the smallest firms - which account for the majority of commercial enterprises operating in London - that bear the brunt of this impact.

Mr Greenhalgh pointed out that prosperity is based on a feeling of safety, meaning better security and more effective responses to crime can deliver big benefits for the economy.

"The best way to have less crime, however, is to stop it happening in the first place," he continued.

"Prevention is key and this guide is an essential first step for small businesses to protect themselves and their customers from crime in and around their businesses."

Mopac has taken a number of steps to tackle the crimes that have the biggest effect on people and businesses in London.

One of these is asking companies to be open about the offences that have the most impact on them and to always report crime to the police.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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