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New group focuses on security in rural areas

Security is often a primary concern for businesses in large towns and cities, owing to perceptions of an increased risk of crime in built-up urban areas.

However, it's just as important for companies based in quieter locations - on the outskirts of big cities, for instance, or in rural regions - not to forget the need to be vigilant to potential security threats.

Indeed, it can be even more crucial for these firms to do everything they can to protect their assets and employees, to ensure they are not seen as an easy target for criminals.

The need for organisations based in less built-up areas to focus on safety and protective measures was underlined by the recent establishment of the Rural Security Network Group (RSNG).

This free, impartial body's stated aim is to 'raise the bar' and 'set the standard' for security in rural areas.

It was created after a team of business consultants engaged in a project to examine levels of safety for the 14 million people living and working in the UK's more remote locations, reports Professional Security magazine.

The research provided a number of findings that could encourage companies to better protect themselves by reviewing and updating their security measures.

It revealed that, in large part, rural communities felt unsupported and isolated, while local authorities' budgets are often stretched.

People and businesses who had suffered losses because of crime in these areas said they received guidance after the fact, but struggled to get any advice on proactive measures to combat crime.

The study also discovered a wide range of non-compliant, self-install security products on the market and highlighted the problem of security companies not recognising the commercial gain of expanding their services into rural areas.

Les Barwick, managing director of the RSNG, said the group has embarked on a number of initiatives to address some of these issues, including the establishment of a credible rural security and fire standard.

He added: "We decided to bring existing resources and expertise together as a networking group.

"We began targeting professional security and fire companies who work in our sector [and] identified specialist companies who wanted to support us in making life safer."

The creation of the network has been praised by local emergency services and insurance providers.

"We have received positive feedback from the police, fire [services] and insurance industry, who all welcome our introduction into this vital part of our community," said Mr Barwick.

Wherever you are based, it is critical to make security one of the key elements of your business management plan and not to become complacent if you are fortunate enough to operate for a long time without being a victim of crime.

Investing in professional security services can provide priceless peace of mind, ensuring that your valuable assets, premises and, most importantly, people are protected.

There are various services available to suit different types of businesses, such as manned guarding to provide a visible deterrent to criminals, key holding and mobile security.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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