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Tech-based collaboration helping businesses boost security

Making the most of technology and collaborating with other businesses are two strategies that can deliver big benefits for firms looking to improve security.

That has been made clear by a recent trial of Facewatch, an instant crime reporting tool that allows companies to share details of security incidents online.

The system can be used to create a 'digital evidence package' composed of statements and CCTV images that are sent to the police, offering a much quicker and more effective way of reporting crimes.

Reports are passed on to investigators and police officers can access the details from their computer, while the businesses involved receive automatic email updates.

Facewatch also features an online platform where local businesses can communicate with one another, share watchlists and analyse their own crime statistics.

The technology was recently launched in north-west England, after the Liverpool Business Improvement District (BID), a non-profit organisation representing more than 1,500 firms in the city centre, teamed up with Merseyside Police.

Forty retailers based in the heart of Liverpool are taking part in the first phase of the rollout and are receiving training on how to use the platform.

The Liverpool BID Company conducted a safety review before the launch of the scheme. It has also paid for two extra police officers to patrol the city centre, brought in a team of on-street ambassadors and provided over 100 businesses with a radio system to share information.

Bill Addy, chief executive of the organisation, said Liverpool city centre already has "a great record for thwarting criminal activity", but stressed that there is "always room for improvement".

"This web-based system will allow us to gain a more complete picture of how crime and antisocial behaviour affects our businesses, helping us to develop our support for them in the future," he added.

Greg Lambert, a chief inspector with Merseyside Police, said: "Embracing new technology is crucial as we adapt to the challenges of modern-day policing. This system saves time and money and enables us to offer a more efficient service to businesses - and importantly frees officers up to patrol the streets and fight crime."

Richard Thompson, chief executive of Facewatch, said he was "delighted" to see the technology being used by the Liverpool BID Company and the local police to tackle crime in the city centre.

"There have been a number of similar collaborative approaches in other cities where a close partnership facilitated by Facewatch between the BID, the retailers and the local police has significantly reduced crime and antisocial behaviour," he added.

Taking full advantage of technology and collaborating with other businesses are two of the many strategies available to organisations looking to maximise security.

Consulting with a professional security provider can prove highly beneficial for companies seeking to gain a clearer understanding of their own needs and potential vulnerabilities, which will make it easier to select the most effective security measures.


Posted by Andrew Miller

Image courtesy of iStock/Pinkypills

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