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Questions for SME owners - Is your office secure?

One of the things owners and managers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should be doing to ensure their business is performing to its full potential is regularly asking themselves questions.

These questions should extend to all aspects of the company's operations, from fundamental concerns like costs and workforce productivity to issues like office security.

Your employees will be much more willing and able to work in a safe, reassuring environment, so workplace security is a key consideration when it comes to getting the best out of your staff.

Here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself as you seek to ensure that your workplace is secure.

Do I have a visible security presence?

Sometimes, maintaining a safe office environment can come down to simple things like having a visible security presence that will reassure workers and discourage anyone who shouldn't be there from trying to gain access to your workplace.

Manned guarding can be extremely effective for front-of-house security, but can also be a big help when it comes to keeping an eye on other locations and parts of your business, such as car parks or quieter entry points that could be targeted by criminals.

Am I getting the basics right?

The fundamentals of office security are the most important things to get right, but can also be the easiest to forget.

When examining your current security arrangements, revisit basic procedures like ensuring that all windows and doors are properly locked before the last person leaves and the office shuts down.

Entrances and exits should always be a key part of your security assessment, so make sure whatever checks and systems you have in place - such as card keys or ID badges - are working and being used properly.

Am I making the most of technology?

In our digital age, technology is a hugely important asset in all areas of business, and office security is no different.

There are many hi-tech solutions that your firm - whatever its size - could be using to keep your workplace as safe as possible, such as combination door locks, CCTV and patrol clock systems.

Do my staff feel safe?

One of the most effective ways of evaluating a firm's security arrangements is by asking its employees if they feel safe and protected at work.

Make sure that managers and team leaders are regularly engaging with members of staff to get their opinions on office security and to ask if changes are required in current systems and procedures.

Any employees who have had bad experiences in the workplace or have issues to raise could make a big contribution to improving your security setup.

Should I offer more training?

It is not uncommon for workers to have little engagement with office security concerns because it is something that rarely crosses their mind.

This can be a problem for a business, because having a secure and well-protected workplace relies on everyone within that environment recognising the importance of the issue.

SME owners and managers can improve awareness through training sessions, which should cover subjects like the organisation's key security policies and why they exist, and who your employees should approach if they have queries or doubts about security.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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