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Key steps to ensuring trust in the workforce

There are many things organisations can do to boost safety and security in the workplace, such as investing in expert consultancy and taking on professional security providers to help ensure all members of the workforce are protected.

To a large extent, the question of whether people feel comfortable and secure when doing their job comes down to trust in their employer.

It is therefore important for companies to do everything they can to give their staff peace of mind and confidence in their personal safety, which will deliver benefits for the organisation through improved morale and productivity.

Here are some of the key attributes managers and business owners should be displaying to ensure their workers have absolute trust that they are being looked after.


Nothing erodes trust like dishonesty, so line managers and senior figures should uphold a policy of openness and transparency at all times.

The honest approach should be maintained even when it comes to issues that could reflect negatively on the company or represent a potential risk to employees. In fact, being frank at times like these could be extra beneficial because it will demonstrate your commitment to openness in every scenario.

When it comes to discussing difficult matters with employees, be sure to focus on what the organisation is doing to address the issue and protect the workforce. This will help to lay a foundation of trust among staff and make them feel safe and happy in their jobs.


All members of your workforce should feel that they have someone to go to when they need to discuss something, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant the issue may be.

If every team that makes up the organisation as a whole is led by an open, approachable manager, the individuals that make up those teams are more likely to feel content and secure.

There are a number of basic steps and strategies management can use to improve their approachability, such as smiling, making eye contact, saying hello to co-workers, ensuring they know people's first names and displaying open, receptive body language.


Discretion should go hand-in-hand with approachability, because when someone comes to a manager to discuss an issue, they should have confidence that it will go no further.

This is an attribute that senior leaders can earn through their general conduct in the workplace - never getting involved in gossip or inappropriate topics of conversation, for instance, and cracking down on these habits among other members of the workforce.


Anyone who has managed large teams of people will know that all sorts of issues can arise in the workplace, so leaders should be open-minded to any problems reported by staff and should always refrain from being judgemental.

This will ensure that workers feel comfortable to approach their manager with anything that's on their mind.

All of these strategies will contribute to a sense of trust throughout the workforce, which will complement manned security services to help ensure that every individual within your organisation feels safe and comfortable in their job.

Posted by Andrew Miller

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