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Utility firm focuses on security for lone workers

There are many important topics for companies to focus on when conducting security audits and ensuring every aspect of their operation is receiving adequate protection.

For organisations based in a single location, concerns like identification and security at access points are likely to be high on their list of priorities, but some businesses rely on people and resources that are often spread across wide geographical areas and constantly moving around.

As far as security is concerned, a big consideration for all firms is ensuring that people working remotely or on their own feel completely safe and protected.

The importance of this issue was underlined by the recent announcement from Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) that it had started using a device to track and protect lone or mobile workers.

Provided by Globalstar Europe Satellite Services, the SPOT Gen3 tool is being used by 1,500 of the utility provider's employees who conduct checks on reservoirs in remote areas.

The device provides access to a bespoke smartphone app that allows workers to call for help, should they need it.

One of the key reasons that NWG decided to start using this technology was that its operatives often work in areas where mobile signal can be unreliable or non-existent.

Diane Somerville, health, safety and environment consultant team leader at the utility company, pointed out that the deployment of the SPOT Gen3 devices was part of an ongoing focus on security for the workforce.

"Ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff is an extremely high priority for Northumbrian Water Group and it helps us attract and retain skilled employees," she said.

"Feedback from staff on the new solution and SPOT has already been overwhelmingly positive."

Gavan Murphy, Globalstar's director of marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, also stressed the importance of employee security for businesses and institutions of all kinds.

"Ensuring the safety and welfare of staff is now high on the radar of both corporations and public organisations," he stated.

"With SPOT's reach, enabled by Globalstar's second-generation satellite network, we are helping providers of key services to improve the welfare of their team members."

Fortunately for employers that have members of their workforce or assets based in different places at different times, there are various security services available that can adapt to meet the unique requirements of individual organisations.

One possible solution is mobile security, which can deliver manned guarding to be on-hand and on-the-move whenever and wherever you need it.

Professional security providers can also offer regular check-ins if you want to make sure particular buildings or locations are secure but don't require a full-time, manned presence.

When it comes to people working remotely or on their own, employers can go some way to making these individuals feel comfortable and protected by ensuring they are an integrated, important part of the workforce.

This can be achieved using simple strategies like team-building exercises and maintaining regular contact with the employee.

Posted by Andrew Miller

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