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Non-profit retail security group gets new manager

When it comes to theft, retailers are at a higher risk than the majority of businesses, owing to the sheer range of products they have on display.

Given the popularity of electronic devices and handheld gadgets today, some of the items showcased on store shelves are highly valuable and therefore extremely attractive to shoplifters and criminals.

It is hugely important therefore for retailers to make security arrangements a key part of their business plan, and fortunately there are many services and solutions available.

One of the wisest options is to invest in professional security facilities like manned guarding or expert consultancy.

Specialist services like these should be at the heart of a retailer's security function, but can also be used alongside collaborative, information-sharing bodies like the Retail Security Network (RSN), a non-profit organisation that recently named Paul Thorn as its general manager.

The RSN is run by crime reduction management software firm Littoralis and was designed to enable information sharing between shopping centres and retail parks within the M25. There are plans to expand the scheme this year to cover all of the south-east.

A number of resources are available to help members protect themselves against crime, including images of unknown offenders caught on CCTV, police alerts and information about new criminal methods.

Businesses can also use the network to share their own crime-related intelligence and information with fellow retailers, Professional Security magazine reported.

Taking up his new post as general manager, Mr Thorn said he intends to put his professional background in communications to good use.

He said: "The network has great potential to reduce the financial burden of low-level crime to shopping centres and retail parks in the south-east.

"I'm looking forward to using my skills to provide members with the up-to-date information they need to help prevent crimes before they happen."

The RSN was launched last year with a pilot that allowed participants to join for free for the first three months.

Future new members in the south-east will be able to benefit from a similar offer, but there will be an annual subscription fee to pay after the introductory period.

Businesses looking to improve their security in 2016 should give some careful thought to where they focus their investment, with specialist, professional manned security services likely to be the best bet for many organisations.

Expert consultancy can help your firm to develop a strong understanding of its unique requirements and risks, and can encompass everything from assessing possible threats to designing your physical security strategy.

For retailers, one of the most effective deterrents against theft is a visible security presence, so manned guarding can prove particularly beneficial. this applies similarly to corporate businesses who's premises with offices full of electrical devices and personal items are prime targets for opportunist off-the-street thieves.

Professional onsite security personnel can provide services including search procedures and scanning, access management, car park supervision, internal and external building patrols and front-of-house security.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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