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How to conduct a thorough security audit

Christmas is a busy time for pretty much all businesses. Even if your company is not directly affected by the period in terms of relying on seasonal revenue and profits, you are likely to feel the impact of more people wanting time off and potential disruptions to transport and delivery networks.

With all the hustle and bustle that goes on towards the end of the year, it can be all too easy to lose sight of processes that could prove critical to your company's long-term success, such as conducting security audits.

So it's important when January comes around to refocus and pick up on any tasks that may have been overlooked for too long.

If a security audit will be one of your priorities in the new year, here are some of the key issues you will need to consider.

Employee identification

A big priority for many businesses is having control over who is able to enter the premises, to ensure that everyone setting foot on-site is entitled to be there and will comply with security procedures.

Your audit should review the levels of protection and monitoring in place at all access points to the site, as well as the forms of identification required for people entering and exiting your buildings on a regular basis.

Access cards and forms of identification with additional features such as watermark logos can help to add another layer of security.

Staff training and policy awareness

Bespoke security training is important to ensure that all members of staff are aware of the importance of security, particularly the part they have to play in keeping the workplace safe.

All workers should be encouraged to keep an eye out for any activity or behaviour they believe is in violation of security policies.

Your full security policy should be reviewed to ensure that it is entirely relevant - perhaps taking into account recent changes in the size or location of your business - and made easily accessible to all employees.

Lighting and security systems

Lighting is a simple security measure, but it can be highly effective. Make sure that your audit confirms your lighting systems are functioning as they should be, particularly in car parks, building access points or otherwise dimly lit areas that might be targeted by criminals.

Your review should also confirm the reliability and effectiveness of the various other components that make up your security system, such as surveillance cameras, alarms and door keypads.

Getting complacent when it comes to checking things like this could be a mistake that you come to regret.

Vulnerable areas

Some areas of your commercial premises will be more susceptible to crime and outside threats than others, so it might be wise to focus on these when assessing your security setup.

For instance, locations where individual employees are alone for long periods of time or warehouses containing high-value goods could be attractive targets for criminals, so make sure every security measure is up to standard in these areas.

If possible, invest in extra protection or security consultancy to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your company and your people safe.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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