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Police urge business owners to be vigilant at Christmas

With the Christmas period now well and truly underway, many companies across the UK will be enjoying increased takings.

However, while this time of year provides plenty of opportunity for all sorts of organisations - from retailers and restaurant chains to delivery services - it also brings increased security risks as criminals target businesses handling higher volumes of cash and goods.

The danger posed by burglars and thieves over the Christmas season has prompted police to remind company owners and managers of the need to be extra vigilant when it comes to protecting their staff, money and property.

As part of Operation Vault, officers have been giving crime prevention advice to businesses that could be particularly attractive targets for criminals, such as banks, jewellers and post offices, Wigan Today reported.

Supt Simon Giles, of Lancashire Police, said: "We are stepping up our fight against criminals who carry out robberies of commercial and financial premises.

"In the run-up to the festive period many businesses enjoy an increase in takings and we want to ensure that it is the business that benefits from this financial boost rather than a burglar or robber who may seek to take this as an opportunity for unlawful gain."

One of the most important steps for owners and managers to take ahead of high-risk periods is to ensure that all security measures and systems are working as they should be.

Officers pointed out that any intruder and panic alarms should be fully operational in order to guarantee an immediate police response.

CCTV systems should also be checked to ensure they are recording properly and monitoring the right areas.

Businesses can further protect themselves by keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity around their premises, such as people loitering nearby who could be checking the layout of the site or noting cash or stock delivery times.

When it comes to keeping commercial properties as secure as possible, manned guarding is one option that can prove particularly effective. The presence of security guards can be a strong deterrent to criminals and a reassurance to managers, staff and customers.

Another tip from police officers is for business owners to be extra cautious when deliveries or collections of cash and stock are taking place.

If members of staff are required to visit the bank to deposit cash, vary the time and day that these trips are made and the route used. It can also be wise to send people to the bank in groups of two.

All employees should be kept fully informed about the increased risks at these times and during the Christmas period, to ensure that everyone involved with the business feels they have a part to play in guaranteeing security.

Companies that want to make sure they are fully prepared for all possible threats over the coming weeks could benefit from bespoke security consultancy, which can help individual firms understand their unique risks and requirements.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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