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Does your security need an overhaul in 2016?

With December nearly upon us, many businesses will be looking ahead to 2016 and their various goals, challenges and projects for the year.

In addition to common commercial aims like reducing costs, increasing revenue and enhancing workforce productivity, some companies will be reviewing their security arrangements.

This is particularly important if your enterprise is likely to grow in 2016 - if you expand your premises or acquire new assets, you have more to protect.

If you are keen to ensure your security is up to standard next year, here are some key points to consider.

Access points

Criminals targeting your business are likely to focus on any weaknesses in your access points, so do everything you can to address any potential vulnerabilities.

All windows and doors should be fitted with top-quality locks and there should be clear systems in place to ensure everything is locked and secure before the last person leaves the site.

There are various options available to keep your access points as secure as possible, such as numbered keypads at entrances to particularly sensitive areas and electronic key fobs that can be given only to authorised personnel.

Do you need new or improved security measures?

It can be easy to get complacent if your company has never experienced a break-in or any other significant security scare, but you should take nothing for granted when it comes to protecting your business, your staff and your property.

Conduct an examination of your existing security measures and be realistic about the need for improvements to things like lighting, alarm systems and CCTV.

If you are keen to step up protection of both your staff and your property next year, look at the possibility of increasing your investment in services like manned security - which can be used to provide maximum protection for your businesses at key times - and consulting with experts to ensure you fully understand your unique requirements and risks.

Think about out-of-hours risks

It might seem obvious to some, but it's important to remember that your business could be much more vulnerable during out-of-hours periods, when there are fewer people onsite.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking your security measures should be focused on your standard operating hours.

There are some basic steps you can take to protect your premises and property during out-of-hours periods, such as installing reliable security lighting, appointing dedicated individuals to ensure alarms are set and making sure that any items that could catch the eye of thieves are left out of sight.

Review staff protections

A company's workforce will always be one of its most important assets, so make sure the measures you are using to protect staff are at the heart of your security review going into 2016.

Are the strategies you are currently using functioning well, do your employees feel safe and well-informed about security, or are there things you could be doing better?

If you are planning to invest in some big changes, such as bringing in manned guarding, installing CCTV or putting new entrance systems in place, consult with your staff about which measures they think will be most effective.

You can make your workforce feel more involved and aware of the importance of security by holding training sessions and encouraging people to speak up if they have any questions or concerns, however minor they might seem.

Posted by Andrew Miller

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