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Study shows how security creates value for business

All too often, security is seen as a cost centre and not something that creates genuine value for business, according to a new study.

Entitled Beyond the Protection of Assets: The Broader Benefits of Security and published by Perpetuity Research on September 21st, the 77-page report claims that the industry has historically "undersold itself" by focusing on how it protects assets rather than underpins strategic business goals.

It says that while security prevents losses - in terms of fines, penalties and reputational damage, as well as theft and vandalism - it can also provide a long-term competitive advantage, making the organisation more attractive to potential customers, business partners and employees.

Moreover, the report suggests that security "enables staff to be more productive" by removing any barriers and disruptions to work, easing employee concerns over unusual working hours and safety when travelling, and creating a positive business environment.

"Discussing the true value of security has been thwarted by it being viewed as intangible. This expenditure on security is therefore characterised as being without joy, a grudge," it claims. "But there is a different way of looking at security, that far from being marginal, it is crucial to organisational effectiveness."

However, the industry itself has failed to communicate this value effectively, according to Perpetuity Research, and should try to portray security as "an organisation's friend rather than its police officer".

'A well kept secret'

Speaking to Professional Security Magazine following the publication of the report, lead author Professor Martin Gill described the indirect business benefits of security as "numerous and significant".

For example, building security into products and services can improve their attractiveness to customers; it can enable the business to expand into potentially risky areas; it can reduce churn by acting as a source of added value for clients and partners; and it promotes corporate social responsibility by supporting the local community.

Nonetheless, Professor Gill reiterated the view that the industry must do more to educate business leaders and other stakeholders of this value, which he said "seems to be a very well-kept secret."

The benefits of manned security

Manned security in particular offers organisations significant benefits beyond the protection of assets, because it provides a proactive means of making customers, business partners and employees feel safer and better valued.

To learn more, read our blog: What manned security says about your company's brand.

Posted by Andrew Miller

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