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Will your workplace be secure this winter?

It's that time of the year again. The weather is getting colder, the nights are drawing in, and pretty soon we'll all be getting up and commuting to work under the cover of darkness. That's right - summer is coming to an end, and autumn and winter are just around the corner.

However, while most of us see it as little more than a miserable inconvenience to be travelling to and from work without natural light, others might consider the rising darkness to provide them a significant advantage. The winter is the perfect time for thieves and vandals to strike, with the longer nights ensuring that fewer members of the public are about after hours and offering more cover for their nefarious schemes. 

As such, now is an excellent time for facilities and office managers to review the security of their business premises and take action to mitigate any increase in both opportunistic and organised crime. Here are some of the things you can do to make your workplace secure this winter:

Ensure doors and windows are kept locked after hours

It's quite common during the summer for workers to open doors and windows when the mercury rises, depending on the availability of fans and air-conditioning units in their buildings. If your premises have been kept well ventilated over the past few months, be sure to impress upon your workforce that it's time to be more careful to close those doors and windows, and that any missing keys should be reported and replaced at the earliest convenience.

Keep the lights on, inside and out

One of the best deterrents to opportunistic thieves is the impression that a potential target is occupied and that a security breach would be readily detected. This can be easily achieved by leaving your lights on a timer rather than switching them off at five and on again at nine, giving criminals an expansive window in which to strike.

Another smart security measure is to install outdoor lighting wherever possible, giving would-be intruders less cover and making their actions visible to both staff and passers-by.

Check your alarms and CCTV

With the threats ramping up, the onset of winter is also a good time to conduct a comprehensive audit of your alarm systems and CCTV cameras. This will ensure that they work correctly, as well as in a cost-effective way. A professional security consultancy may also furnish you with a greater understanding of how best to keep burglars and vandals at bay.

Consider a manned security service

Finally, the winter is one of the times when the benefits of a manned security service become most apparent.

As at any time of year, the presence of guards on your premises will provide an unparalleled deterrent, plus the ability for the business to respond to any suspicious activity at a moment's notice rather than in retrospect.

More than that, though, it's a massive reassurance for workers who feel ill at ease working in darkness. A trained security guard should be on hand to escort individuals to their vehicles when working late, for example, looking out for their personal safety and making them feel valued and respected as members of staff.

Will your premises be protected this winter?

Posted by Andrew Miller

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