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5 qualities all static security guards should have

Static guards are often underappreciated. Their role in the security industry is a vital one, but there are a number of harmful myths surrounding their profession - that they have an easy job, are solitary and non people-oriented, and exist simply as a deterrent for would-be criminals, for example.

This couldn't be further from the truth. In order to succeed as a static guard, an individual should exhibit a wide range of skills and personal qualities, and be willing to assume a position of leadership and responsibility among their colleagues. Put the wrong person in the job, and you're more likely to undermine your company's security - as well as its image and reputation - than to improve it.

Here are five of the essential qualities of a static guard. Have you considered them as part of your own hiring strategies? Or are you unwittingly putting your company's security at risk by bringing on board the wrong people?

Communication skills

A static guard should be a class A communicator. Even if most of their working hours are unsocial ones and therefore spent alone, they'll at times need to convey information to a wide range of different parties - their immediate superiors, the company's customers, and even the police. Because this information pertains to the security of mission-critical business assets, as well as the safety of employees, it's important that it's handled with care and attention.

Honesty and integrity

It may sound obvious, but a static guard should be someone you can trust. A lot of the time, they'll be the only person on your premises and therefore solely responsible for the security of your buildings, equipment and inventory. Honesty and integrity are non-negotiable.

Leadership skills

Static guards are sometimes depicted in film and television as rather passive characters, spending their time poring over CCTV feeds, filling out crosswords and snoozing. In reality, they need the ability to take control of a situation effortlessly, as well as to direct others to respond to unexpected - and potentially alarming - incidents in an effective way.

Quick thinking

A person who succeeds as a static guard will almost always be someone who can think on their feet. While they'll be acutely aware of any rules and regulations that might affect how they're able to respond to a given incident, they'll also act on intuition to resolve emergencies rapidly and with the optimal outcome.

Customer service skills

Finally, it's important to remember that static guards - and in particular, front-of-house staff - are often the face of your business to customers and other site visitors. As such, it's crucial they convey an air of absolute professionalism, treating these parties with respect and congeniality. A static guard without this quality could actually damage your company's brand, so be sure not to neglect it in the hiring process.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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