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What manned security says about your company's brand

When a company invests in manned security, it's normally in order to ensure that business assets and inventory aren't at risk of theft or criminal damage. What they may also find, however, is that having trained security personnel on-site offers indirect benefits, too.

One of these is what manned security says about your company's brand. Used effectively, it can massively boost your reputation as an employer, as a business partner, and as a provider of products and services. And these benefits translate into long-term opportunities for revenue and growth.

Here are a few of the ways that keeping your premises staffed with security guards can give employees, clients and customers the right impression about your business.

What manned security says about your company's brand

You're professional

When visitors turn up at your premises, it's important that your front-of-house staff convey both professionalism and warmth. Employ a polite, smart and approachable security guard in this role, and you'll have this box well and truly ticked off. It'll also impress upon your visitors that you take access to your site seriously, and that you'd be able to remove trespassers with a minimum of chaos and confusion.

You look after your employees

Having the right people on board means a lot to the modern enterprise, and manned security can play a major role in helping companies to attract and retain the top talent. Employees who feel safe and valued are more productive and engaged than those who don't, which helps both to drive growth and cut churn rates.

You take pride in your working environment

The presence of security guards at your premises demonstrates to employees, partners and customers alike that you take pride in your working environment, and that you're not a fly-by-night operation aiming to spend a bare minimum in the pursuit of profit. This can make your company much more attractive to outsiders, showing them that you believe in being the best and aren't afraid of playing the long game.

You care about your local area

Private security can play a key role in fighting crime. By employing trained security personnel, you won't just be stopping thefts and vandalism at your own premises, but may also be able to help police identify, detain and punish repeat offenders. In turn, you'll be making your local area a better place to live and work, and boosting your company's brand into the bargain.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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