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How security guards can boost employee morale

For many organisations, the objective of manned guarding is to protect their assets - property, inventory, intellectual property - from damage and theft, and sometimes to ensure customers and other site visitors are guaranteed a safe environment.

However, the presence of trained security professionals on or around a company's premises can also do much to boost employee morale, helping those organisations to attract and retain the most talented workers in the long run.

Evidence of this can be found in the results of a recent survey by NG Bailey's IT Services division. While the research was focused around the value of IP CCTV solutions, its findings are just as applicable to the use of manned guarding.

The survey revealed a staggering three in five UK employees (60 per cent) are afraid of a handful of possible scenarios in the workplace, including the theft of their personal effects, the presence of unauthorised and dangerous individuals in the office, and even physical violence.

A further 63 per cent of respondents said they had actually experienced one of those scenarios, while the same figure said they at least worried about - if not feared for - their personal security while at work.

The findings are released to a backdrop of steadily increasing numbers of crimes against companies in the UK, Talk Business reports, with a 2014 Home Office study having identified that wholesale and retail premises were targeted in 5.9 million offences last year.

Despite the doom and gloom, however, NG Bailey found employees were mostly confident that more security measures would significantly improve their welfare.

Three in five respondents (60 per cent) told the firm they would feel more comfortable at work if they knew there were effective security systems in place, while two in three (68 per cent) identified room for improvement in their organisations' current provisions.

This demonstrates how security can have a direct impact on employee morale, boosting workers' confidence that their company cares about their safety and their ability to come into the office without worrying about their personal effects being stolen.

The presence of trained security professionals can also provide indirect benefits that contribute to employee welfare, satisfaction and productivity. Consider the following, for example:

•Workers will find it easier to focus on their jobs knowing that their safety and the security of their premises is in hand.
•Even employees who don't feel at risk of theft or attack can have their loyalty to the organisation boosted by the knowledge that their employer prioritises the safety of its human capital.
•Seeing a guard also gives a good first impression to any customers, clients or prospects who visit the company's premises, demonstrating that it doesn't skimp on keeping its assets and workforce protected.
•Employees required to work late shifts or irregular hours can feel more at ease and more productive knowing that they're not in it alone.

Nothing is more important to an organisation than its people, and investing in manned guarding is a simple and easy-to-overlook way for a company to make its workforce feel both safer and massively more appreciated.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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