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Ensure your premises are secure this summer

The UK is on the cusp of summer, and Britons are just beginning to reap the benefits of the warmer months: longer hours of daylight, more sunshine and fewer outbreaks of inclement weather.

For many, it's often a time of year that getting up and going to work becomes a little more bearable, having neither to battle the elements on the morning commute nor to leave the office in total darkness.

It might not seem like an obvious time for businesses to become the targets of break-ins and burglaries. But this kind of assumption can be dangerous: even without darker nights to cover their movements, opportunistic thieves and criminals can, and do, strike at unprepared and inattentive organisations in the summer. So it pays to ensure your premises are protected.

Here are some of our top security tips for businesses in times of plentiful daylight and pleasant weather.

Ensure windows and doors are secured out of hours

A significant rise in temperature often has the unwanted side effect of making offices and facilities uncomfortable places to work, which employees typically address by opening oft-neglected windows and even doors for added ventilation. While not unacceptable behaviour in itself, this increase the risk of opportunistic thieves coming across undefended points of ingress should these windows and doors be left open overnight or out of hours.

As such, it's important to impress upon your workforce the importance of closing and locking them to prevent an intrusion when no-one is present.

Keep valuables out of sight

Some intruders will turn longer hours of daylight to their advantage, using the extra visibility to scope out your premises and recognise at once where your most important assets are located. You should therefore endeavour to always keep valuables out of sight during the summer, both when your facilities are occupied and when they're vacated.

Plan for when your premises are vacated

A large handful of the UK's bank holidays fall during the warmer months, giving employees a great opportunity to plan weekend getaways while the sun is shining. Unfortunately, each bank holiday also gives criminals a chance to get inside their premises by daylight, often entirely without the threat of confrontation. Similarly, if you're a small business with regular quiet periods, there might be a week or two in the summer when all of your workers are on annual leave at the same time.

In these instances, forward-planning for security is essential. Be aware of who leaves when, who assumes responsibility for locking up, and who'll be looking after your keys in the interim. It might also be judicious to employ a mobile security service to intermittently check in on your office and ensure there's not been a break-in.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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