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Manned v mobile security: which is right for your business?

Pretty much every business on the planet needs some form of security. And for many, a few electronic locks and CCTV cameras aren't enough - qualified, licensed security personnel are the only way they can keep their premises safe from burglaries and their key assets secured.

This applies to dozens of different industries: retailers, manufacturers and services sector firms all have hot products to protect, whether that's stock, equipment or intellectual property.

man v mobile secuirty which is right for your business

It follows, of course, that not everybody's requirements are the same. A manufacturing plant built across a multi-acre site calls for a different style of security provision than a retail outlet, for example, or a small office building. As such, choosing a security contractor can be a challenge - not only do you need to decide from the dozens of different suppliers on the market, but also work out which of their services is the right fit for your business.

The two main types of security service used today are static and mobile, which are fairly self-explanatory. In the former, your security personnel are stationed on-site in a specific location, such as on a front desk. In the latter, they either patrol your premises or drop in every few hours to check their status, potentially attending to multiple clients' sites in a single shift. Both offer excellent security benefits, but they work in very different ways.

Manned guarding

For most businesses, manned guarding represents perhaps the best means of fighting criminal threats and providing staff with a safe, secure place to work. Some common applications include front-of-house security, car park management and internal building patrols.

Maintaining a permanent on-site presence ensures that if unauthorised individuals do gain access to your premises, there'll be a qualified and experienced human being at hand to apprehend them - something that no electronic security system, no matter how advanced, can provide.

It's also important to remember that in certain circumstances, the presence of security personnel is as much a boost to employee morale as a criminal deterrent. In such an instance, manned guarding is again the most effective option.

Mobile patrols

Mobile patrols are often seen as the preferred low-cost security solution for small and medium-sized businesses. As mentioned above, personnel typically conduct spot checks at intervals rather than spend long periods of time on a single client's premises. This ensures that they can respond to incidents quickly while only billing customers for the amount of coverage they actually receive.

That said, it's important to note that mobile patrols have a role to play in larger businesses, too. If you have an expansive site, or multiple premises at different locations, then a mobile security service allows you to keep watch on both your primary and peripheral buildings with fitting levels of vigilance.

Finally, you should also remember that manned and mobile security services are typically designed to complement one another. It might well be that the best way to protect your key assets is to maintain both a front-of-house presence and regular mobile patrols, ensuring that nobody's attention is divided between different tasks.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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