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Are you protected against the theft of hot products?

If you have ever been the victim of a break-in, it's likely you have noticed that certain items are more likely to be stolen than others. Now, a new report has been released looking into the reasons behind this.

The US Department of Justice's Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) organisation describes these goods that are most likely to be stolen as 'hot' items and has provided information on why they are attractive to thieves.

It breaks hot products down into five main categories:

- Personal electronic products, such as computers and mobile devices
- Valuable assets, such as cash, credit cards and personal identification
- Vehicles and vehicle parts, such as wheels, wheel rims, headlights and catalytic converters
- Household items, such as televisions and major appliances
- Consumable goods, such as alcohol, medicines and gasoline

The report explained why these products are attractive to criminals using the acronym 'CRAVED':

- Concealable: Items that thieves can steal without attracting attention and are easy to hide
- Removable: Products that can easily be taken away
- Available: Goods that are likely to be abundant or easily accessible
- Valuable: Items with a high resale value that makes them attractive to thieves
- Enjoyable: Things that are more enjoyable, eg laptops and phones, rather than functional goods such asĀ  refrigerators
- Disposable: Items that can easily be sold or used by the thief

While the COPS report is targeted at an American audience, it is still of interest here in the UK, as the CRAVED principle will likely apply to the majority of thefts and break-ins that occur on British shores. Indeed, research from the UK was actually factored into the organisation's findings.

From the perspective of facilities and office managers, it is important to identify any hot items in their premises and ensure they are suitably protected from thieves. How can these goods be kept secure? Investing in manned security is a proven means of theft prevention and can be particularly effective for any business premises that contains a large number of goods that are likely to be attractive to criminals.

According to a study from Market Research Reports, the role of manned security will only grow in importance over the coming years. The organisation has highlighted high crime rates, infrastructure development and the larger number of occasional events being hosted as primary factors that are driving the need for security guards.

When hiring manned security, there are a number of important considerations that need to be taken into consideration. A Security Industry Authority license is the standard qualification in the industry and should be something all businesses look for.

It is also advisable to draw on the experience of a specialist agency such as Storm, which knows the qualities needed to be a successful security guard and is committed to only delivering industry best practice. We guarantee a high-quality manned security solution due to our strict employment criteria, additional training and detailed knowledge of the security sector.

Posted by Andrew Miller

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