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4 new year's resolutions for a more secure 2015

The festive period often represents something of a lull in the world of business, with major projects put on ice as staff members dip into their holiday allowances to spend time with friends and family.

Accordingly, with a new year and a fresh start just around the corner, it's a good time for managers to take stock of what they've accomplished over the past 12 months - not to mention, what their priorities ought to be going forwards.


Has your business made its new year's resolutions for 2015 yet? If not, it might be worth thinking about the physical security of your premises. If you dealt with any thefts or burglaries through 2014, now's the time to set some long-term goals to ensure the same won't happen again in future.

Here are four new year's resolutions for a more secure 2015 - are any of them on your agenda?

Assess your physical security needs

Over the past 12 months, a fast-recovering economy has helped many firms to grow and step up their spending: on personnel, but also on equipment, technology and premises. As such, there's a risk that your business has outgrown its existing security resources without you recognising it. As we enter 2015, consider a comprehensive review of your physical security policies: do they provide suitable coverage for your current business activities, or are there nascent threats unaccounted for?

Consider the value of manned security

It's been proven that CCTV isn't always an effective deterrent to criminal activity, while barriers like gates and electronic locks offer little resistence to today's most resourceful felons. If a break-in represents a real financial and operational threat to your business, it makes sense to invest in a manned security presence. Now's the time to start factoring that into your 2015 budget.

Also, remember that security guards confer other competitive advantages to your business besides protection of your premises. The presence of trained personnel can boost staff morale, for example, making workers feel safer through the dark winter months.

Check your security staff's licensing

If your firm already maintains a manned security presence, another of your new year's resolutions could be to ensure that every employee and contractor's licensing is in order. The UK's Security Industry Authority intends to introduce new licensing infrastructure in 2015, mandating that all private security firms be licensed as well as individuals. As such, if you work with a third-party, you should be taking pains to ascertain that they make the grade.

Promote a security-conscious working culture

Finally, even if you don't have any plans to invest in new resources for now, remember that security begins at home. Make it your new year's resolution to promote a working culture in which staff are aware of how their actions uphold - or threaten - the security of your business' assets. Tasks like locking gates and concealing valuables are everyone's responsibility, and even the smallest security-conscious gesture will go some way to minimising the chances of a theft or break-in.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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