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BSIA launches new forum for health and safety in security

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has launched a forum to provide health and safety experts working in the private security industry with networking and information opportunities.

In a survey carried out by the organisation earlier this year, it was revealed that 93 per cent of industry professionals indicated that they would be keen to address important issues such as violence in the workplace, accidents and preventative measures.

In response to the survey, Trevor Elliott, director of manpower and membership services at the BSIA, said the health and safety of workers had been pushed into the spotlight due to a report from Greater London Authority Conservatives indicating that "a chilling 66,000 frontline workers have been punched, kicked, spat on and even murdered whilst undertaking work-related duties".

He said that assaults against security officers were also underlined in the report as an ongoing issue, spotlighting health and safety as a key issue for frontline security staff and the customers the industry is designed to protect. 

As a result of the poll and the report from Greater London Authority Conservatives, the BSIA promised to provide those working within the sector with a Health and Safety Forum - a pledge the organisation has now fulfilled. 

On November 19th, the BSIA launched the initiative at Chelsea Football Club, describing it as a way to facilitate the sharing of information and best practice. The forum is intended to transform the organisation's commitment to health and safety into positive action, informing industry professionals of the most salient up-to-date information and relevant legislation.

The launch featured presentations that detailed the aims and objectives of the forum, as well as providing guests with networking opportunities and a tour of the football club's grounds. Additionally, the BSIA hosted a debate regarding health and safety excellence, encouraging attendees to share their own experiences while demonstrating best practice or innovation in their industry.  

Commenting of the success of the launch event, Mr Elliott said: "We were delighted with the turnout at the launch of our Health and Safety Forum, and pleased with the level of engagement from attendees, who were eager to share their own experiences and learn from each other’s examples of best practice."

Dave Humphries, director of partnerships and interventions at the Security Industry Authority (SIA), said the event provided clarity about where the key players in the private security industry are in terms of health and safety. He added that the forum resonated with the violence reduction strategy he is currently undertaking within his own organisation. 

Bobby Logue, who works for Interconnective Ltd and originally initiated the forum, added: "The real work for the forum begins now, with how to address these issues including accurate data and industry best practice including creating industry and customer awareness and developing health and safety best practice throughout the BSIA member companies."

According to Mr Logue, attendees provided positive feedback regarding the launch, with 100 per cent claiming that it was valuable to their business in a post-event survey. 

Furthermore, everyone indicated that they wished to become involved in the Health and Safety Forum, citing being able to work collaboratively with the wider industry as a key benefit, as this could lead to the sector having influence over future legislation. Attendees also suggested that being able to provide their customers with a better service was another advantage, as well as networking with like-minded peers.

The inaugural meeting of the BSIA's Health and Safety forum will take place in early 2015, with plans being arranged now.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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