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Will your workplace be secure this Christmas?

It's a fact of life that when the festive season approaches, lots of people allow themselves to switch off from matters of work - they're more inclined to think about Christmas shopping, the end-of-year social calendar and the prospect of time spent with family.

This applies to facilities and office managers as much as everybody else - an unfortunate state of affairs, because the festive season is a time at which protecting business premises from burglaries is of utmost importance.

Think about it for a second: the Christmas period presents a perfect storm of circumstances for a planned or opportunistic robbery. The holiday falls at the time that the northern hemisphere's days are shortest, with December 21st providing fewer than eight hours of sunlight in the UK. At the same time, a large proportion of the workforce will request time off around Christmas and the new year - supposing, that is, that the premises aren't vacated outright.

As such, there's a big onus on businesses to ramp up their security measures at this time of year, or else risk leaving their sites vulnerable to break-ins. Here are a few of the steps organisations might take to achieve this.

Keep your property lit up

If there's one thing that makes a business property an attractive target to criminals, it's the impression that it's unoccupied and therefore unlikely to be actively protected. Locks, alarms and CCTV are a deterrent, but they're no match for the presence of actual personnel.

Organisations can, however, introduce an element of uncertainty by keeping their premises lit up through the festive season. This can help to put off more opportunistic criminals, who tend to steer clear of evidence of human activity.

Check locks and alarms

If it looks like a sizeable proportion of your workforce will be absent from your property this Christmas, now's the time to check that your locks are all working properly. This applies to windows as well as gates and doors - you should ensure that every potential point of ingress is securely shut and fastened, not just the most obvious ones.

Naturally, the same goes for alarms and CCTV systems. If you have doubts that these will attract the necessary attention to prevent a burglary, consider using a specialist alarm response service to ensure that trained security personnel are on site at a moment's notice.

Invest in manned security

Finally, the best way for a business to protect its premises through the festive season is to invest in manned guarding or a mobile security service. As mentioned above, a workplace that gives the impression that it's a ghost town is liable to attract undesirables; the presence of trained security personnel, conversely, is almost sure to turn them away.

Remember that even if you count security guards as part of your permanent workforce, there's a good chance that some of them will request time off around the Christmas period. As such, it's better to bring in extra staff on a temporary basis than risk your premises being undermanned at a critical time.


Posted by Andrew Miller


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