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Key things to look for in a security guard

When a company takes on manned security services, there are a wide range of considerations to bear in mind. 

Security is something that is easy to take for granted - but an employer would be wrong to allow this to nurture a lax attitude when it comes to taking on trained professionals. 

Relevant training and certification are absolutely essential and cannot be overlooked. But even when these are planned for, there are still additional factors that would benefit the employer immensely. 


A Security Industry Authority (SIA) license is relatively easy to pass, as a simple course is all that needs to be taken to become licensed. However, this does not mean a firm should overlook the SIA standards when taking on a new recruit. 

Taking on a manned security guard using an company such as Storm guarantees a higher standard, as we apply strict employment criteria, carry out a thorough interview and offer additional training where skills are assessed. This ensures that only the best, most experienced and articulate security guards will be offered positions. 


The importance of communication in a role such as that of a security guard should not be overlooked. These professionals may be required to speak to clients who come to a firm's buildings to make use of company products or services. Strong communication skills also give the individual a much better chance of diffusing an encounter with a difficult suspect. 

Should a security guard lose their temper - or even just handle a situation inadequately - circumstances could escalate where this could have been avoided. On an everyday level, it reflects positively on a company if this new member of staff is polite, smart and approachable, particularly when engaging with the public. 

Physical fitness

In the event of a break in, or if there is a threat to the wellbeing of an employee, a security guard will have to be in good physical condition to either subdue the suspect or offer the victim protection. 

First aid training

First aid training is a very desirable skill for a security guard. As they are tasked with protecting the people in a company building, as well as the property itself, it is useful to know they can be on hand to offer support if someone gets hurt. 

While extreme circumstances will hopefully be avoided, the ability to perform essential first aid tasks such as CPR are vitally important in a security guard, in order to keep someone in the best possible health until an ambulance arrives. 

Storm security operatives offer first line medical care to SIA standards, with regular checks and inspections maintaining the highest standards. 


Posted by Andrew Miller

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