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Export of security services a BSIA priority for 2015

Manned security plays an increasingly important role all over the world - and this is particularly the case for UK companies exporting their services. 

This is according to the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), which has pledged to continue to promote private security exports as the centrepiece of its manifesto for the new year. 

It was noted that BSIA members currently provide 70 per cent of UK security products and services - and all of these companies are required to adhere to strict quality standards as part of their membership. 

The BSIA stated that export was a "lifeline" for many security companies throughout the recession and helped some to keep afloat where otherwise they may have collapsed. This is particularly the case in those economies - such as in the Middle East - that have thrived throughout the global financial crisis. 

This is what has made it possible for security companies to prosper throughout difficult times - and a survey of the BSIA's Export Council revealed that 80 per cent of respondents believe exporting becomes more important than ever to their businesses during the recession. 

Indeed, several of these firms went so far as to report an increase in overseas business between 2012 and 2013. Chair of the council Ian Moore said: "The Middle East has probably been the most attractive overseas security market over the last few years. It is a natural target area for quality British companies."

Overseas buyers and the UK security industry have a forum for their relationships in the BSIA Export Council, which can also serve to forge links between British companies and external clients that may require their services. This makes it an essential port of call for overseas-based contacts looking for a UK partner, customer or distributor. Networking initiatives and events are constantly held by the council to establish and reinforce these ties. 

A security export strategy from the government department UK Trade & Investment recently revealed that the global security market is forecast to rise to £571 billion in 2016, which will be powered by a projected growth rate of nine per cent. 

Further to this, the government has pledged to double overall UK exports to £1 trillion by 2020, with the BSIA expressing optimism this could lead to security exports exceeding the nine per cent growth forecast. 

BSIA chief executive officer James Kelly welcomed this commitment noting that the coalition has also "stated that exporting is a way out of these austere times". 

However, Mr Kelly also called on the government to grant additional finance to the sector. "It goes completely against the government's strategy to be cutting this funding at such a crucial time for our businesses and we will continue to push this message to all levels of government," he commented.


Posted by Andrew Miller

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