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Firms advised to take additional security measures in winter

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has stressed the importance of ensuring premises are secure through the darker winter months. 

It was noted that as British Summer Time ended over the last weekend (October 26th), the country will now start to experience longer hours of darkness. 

While homeowners are traditionally warned to ensure they are more careful about their home security through the darker nights, the BSIA is also extending the message to businesses. 

James Kelly, chief executive officer of the BSIA, said that all buildings become more vulnerable to crime when criminals have a higher number of opportunities to act under cover of darkness - and this applies to individual homeowners and larger businesses alike. 

"Darker nights can signal the start of the burglar's favourite time of year, with properties more vulnerable to opportunistic crime when left in darkness for longer, particularly as we approach the festive season," he commented. 

"However, there are a wide variety of preventative security measures that can be taken to ensure that your property is protected around the clock," Mr Kelly continued. 

He also noted that this kind of action does not necessarily have to involve a significantly greater expense than would normally be spent on security considerations. 

"Putting these measures in place does not have to be a costly or lengthy process and often by simply adopting straightforward steps it is possible to dramatically reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring," Mr Kelly remarked. 

First among the measures recommended by the BSIA was checking that gates, doors and windows are securely locked at all times, regardless of whether or not the site is vacant. Hiring a team of manned security professionals would be the ideal way to facilitate this, as this task could be easily integrated into their routine. 

Locks should always be tested to ensure they remain effective - and it is well worth taking the time to replace them as a top priority should this prove to be effective. These precautions are particularly recommended if the work premises are set to be closed for an extended time over the Christmas period, as this is when they are more vulnerable to break-ins. 

Adequate lighting is a generally useful measure, especially in vital areas of a property. This can also serve to put off potential thieves from attempting to burgle the location, as they will become uncertain as to whether or not the premises are occupied. 

Mr Kelly emphasised the fact that there is a very wide range of measures that can be taken to protect properties during the winter months. 

He also underlined just how important it is not to cut any corners out of concern for the expense, as higher standards associated with a better-quality supplier are more likely to mean that all the relevant British and European standards for the product or service are met. 


Posted by Andrew Miller

Image courtesy of Thinkstock/iStock

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