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BSIA promotes health and safety for manned security professionals

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has responded to the increasing demand for action on health and safety concerns in the manned security industry. 

A survey carried out by the organisation found 93 per cent of industry professionals would be keen to address important issues such as violence in the workplace, accidents and preventative measures. 

The launch of a new Health and Safety Forum has been announced by the BSIA as a result of these considerations. 

It will be dedicated to sharing industry best practice knowledge, as well as generally promoting the importance of health and safety for industry practitioners, their employees and their customers.

Chelsea Football Club is set to host the first meeting of the Forum during a launch event in November. An initial informal networking opportunity for health and safety professionals will be presented by this, in addition to new information regarding the objectives and forthcoming projects of the Forum. 

All BSIA member companies are invited to participate, and commitment to health and safety could be converted into positive action, while they will also be kept up to date on the latest developments in relevant legislation.

Director of manpower and membership services at the BSIA Trevor Elliott said his organisation already has an active human resources forum, which the new group will complement very effectively. 

He expressed confidence that it should prove a great success in terms of uniting member company representatives over concerns they are likely to have in common. 

"Health and safety of front line workers has been thrown into the forefront of public discussion recently, with a report from the Greater London Authority Conservatives indicating that a chilling 66,000 frontline workers have been punched, kicked, spat on and even murdered whilst undertaking work-related duties," he commented. 

"Assaults against security officers were also highlighted by this report as an ongoing issue," Mr Elliott continued, adding: "As such, health and safety has become a key issue for our industry, not just for the protection of our frontline security workers but also for the customers that our industry helps to protect."

Bobby Logue of Beyond Basics Training, who will be facilitating the launch event, praised the BSIA for launching its new Forum in such a fashion, acknowledging that health and safety is an ongoing and major concern of the industry as a whole. 

He specified that the Forum is an appropriate avenue to explore, as it will help to promote a wider understanding of related industry-wide issues, in addition to making it easier to collect statistics on all health and safety incidents. 

Mr Logue expressed confidence that this could even serve to enhance industry strategy in general and identifying areas where specialised training could be introduced. 


Posted by Andrew Miller

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