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BSIA celebrates 25th anniversary of CoESS General Assembly

BSIA celebrates 25th anniversary of CoESS General Assembly   

Hundreds of security professionals from all over Europe have gathered in London for a special event hosted by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Confederation of European Security Services (CoESS) General Assembly. 

CoESS is the Brussels-based European trade association for all national private security trade associations across the continent. 

All of its active members are invited to take part in the General Assembly every single year, which is a major industry event. Among other things, it sees financial statements approved and its management groups evaluated and validated. 

This year, a large delegation of European industry representatives will be hosted by the BSIA in London, in celebration of the 25th anniversary. Here, they will discuss and debate issues that affect the industry throughout the continent. Regulatory provisions and best practice for the sector are among these considerations. 

A focal point of the anniversary celebration was an evening dinner cruise on the River Thames on October 9th, which was sponsored by Ifsec International.

The BSIA is a leading member of the CoESS - and a total of 19 member states of the European Union, 24 countries, 60,000 private security companies and 2.2 million employees are represented by the CoESS, which generates an annual turnover of £27 billion.

Interests of the wider European private security industry are represented by the CoESS, which was founded back in 1989 and is recognised by the European Commission as a sectorial social partner, which means it acts in accordance with all of the relevant European treaties.

It was noted that the private security industry has evolved in a range of significant ways over the course of the past 25 years, becoming a global, multi-faceted world in its own right. 

All of the strengths offered by providers of skilled manned guarding can be combined with state of the art technology and equipment solutions to offer clients the best services tailored to their requirements. This kind of service can also be used to enhance the security offered by national governments and corporate users. 

Several organisations and end users are represented on a national level by organisations such as the BSIA. Each of these is required to foster best practice and high standards in their respective jurisdictions. When all of these groups come together, common ideals relating to freedom, security and justice can be shared and discussed. 

BSIA chief executive officer James Kelly, expressed his gratitude on behalf of his organisation to host such a prestigious occasion. 

"It is a pleasure to welcome CoESS and the wider European private security community to London to celebrate this important anniversary of the CoESS General Assembly," he commented. 

"Together with CoESS, the BSIA has had a long and productive relationship, working together on pan-European issues, to achieve best practise across the industry," Mr Kelly continued, adding: "We look forward to the next 25 years with CoESS."


Posted by Andrew Miller

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