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Manned security industry 'will gain importance in years to come'

The role of the security guard is likely to continue to be a very important one for businesses in the years to come. 

This is according to a study from Market Research Reports, which specified that there is a very high range of potential crime factors that are best dealt with by such individuals. 

With the rise of automated security systems and the prevalence of electronic solutions such as CCTV, it would be understandable for some firms to consider cutting back on the amount of manned security professionals they take on. 

However, the presence of manned security on premises can also act as a unique deterrent - and the intuitive understanding of patrolling and crime prevention offered by onsite security staff cannot be matched by technology alone. 

Manned security staff are private professionals whose role it is to protect property, assets or people - and these workers are typically uniformed, which helps them act to protect property.

This is achieved by virtue of maintaining a high visibility presence, which can deter illegal and inappropriate actions. 

The Market Research Reports study singled out a wide range of factors - such as high crime rates, infrastructure development and the larger number of occasional events being hosted - as driving growth in the global manned guarding security market. 

It was specified that these considerations are all among the reasons as to why the importance of the manned security market is likely to build in the years to come. This is the case all over the world, with regions as diverse as Asia, North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa all expected to witness growth in the industry. Double digit growth is forecast in emerging economies like India, Saudi Arabia and China. 

Recent research from the Home Office revealed that in the UK, the total number of football-related arrests for the 2013-2014 football season was the lowest on record at just 2,273. This could be taken as an indication that security at football stadiums on match days is improving - and sporting events are an example of occasions where private security forces are increasingly being tasked with supporting the work of police activity. 

Several challenges were identified as facing the manned guarding security services market in the Market Research Reports publication, including the availability of manpower. 

However, the trends currently prevailing in the industry were singled out as being largely positive ones, such as competitive pricing and sustenance of margins. Strong local and regional presence and influence was another factor that reflected well on firms operating in the sector, in addition to high levels of training, vigilant background checks and adherence to regulations. 

The full scope of the report - which is titled: 'Global Manned Guarding Security Market Size 2014 Industry Analysis, Share, Growth, Trends, Opportunities and Forecast 2018' - takes in some of the the key opportunities for the industry for the next four years. A range of key industry players are also profiled. 


Posted by Andrew Miller

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