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Leicester businesses emphasise importance of preventative approach to crime

A new partnership has been forged in the Leicester suburbs that is intended to promote a preventative attitude that will help businesses in the area to stop becoming the victim of crime. 

Several businesses have already signed up to the scheme, including City Watch, Oadby and Wigston Against Crime, Professional Security Magazine reports. 

It is hoped the initiative will enable companies such as these to keep in touch via a radio links, in addition to passing information between each other about suspects, offenders and potential trouble makers. 

One of the most effective preventative measures for companies in this position could be to hire private security staff. 

Graham Collins, who set up the Leicester scheme, said that companies are now working closely together, as well as with the council and the police, in order to discourage criminals. 

He added that this kind of approach to crime has been very successful in city centres - noting this particular scheme has been active in Leicester for 14 years. This has bucked the national trend, which has seen criminal activity increase where such a preventative attitude has not been adopted. 

Chairman of the Oadby and Wigston Community Safety Partnership Kevin Loydall suggested security considerations should be very high on the agenda for businesses. 

"Reducing crime in our borough is one of the main priorities of the Community Safety Partnership and by working with City Watch and other partners we will be able to support local businesses in their fight against crime, particularly in the areas of theft from shops and anti-social behaviour in and around our town centres," he commented. 

Break-ins, fighting, theft and vandalism are among the risks that private security guards can offer protection from. 

Sam Gutteridge, from Epic Accessories - a firm that has signed up to the Leicester scheme, outlined the business benefits of being active with regards to security.

"To stay competitive in today’s market we need schemes like this to reduce costs in order to stay viable as a local family business," he remarked. 

Mr Loydall added a secure and safe environment that is free from crime can serve to encourage further economic investment. 

"Through the reduction of crime and anti-social behaviour and the perceived fear of crime, not only customers will benefit but also the staff who work in the shops," he commented. 

Interest in the manned security services sector is thought to be on the rise, as the Security Industry Authority recently announced the number of license qualifications it has issued sailed past the 1.25 million mark. 

Head of quality standards at the SIA Andrew Shephard said these qualifications have had a positive impact on the industry as a whole - and that everyone can benefit from having more professional security personnel protecting people in public. 


Posted by Andrew Miller

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