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SIA-issued licence qualifications hits 1.25m milestone

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) celebrated a major milestone this month as the number of licence qualifications it has issued went past the 1.25 million mark. 

For many professional manned security guards, an SIA licence-linked qualification is their first one to be recognised by the wider industry, so it is often an initial stepping-stone to a defined career.

As the figure has reached such a landmark, this could also be taken as an indication that interest in the sector is on the rise, as more people are looking for positions in it. 

The SIA began work on developing the Level 2 and 3 qualifications for security personnel across seven sectors back in 2003, on the basis of close work with a variety of other organisations and companies in the industry. 

All of the relevant regulatory authorities in the UK combine to govern the qualifications, which are recognised on a national level and regulated by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator. 

The SIA is the primary regulatory body for the private security industry in the UK and reports directly to the the Home Secretary under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. 

However, the SIA is not resting with regards to the rigorous standards it wishes to apply to industry professionals, as the training specifications are due to come under review for updating. 

As a result of this, existing rules that require a team of expert working groups from each sector gathering to discuss any potential changes to the qualifications could be revised. 

Security operatives working under contract are required to hold and display a valid SIA license by law, as are all door supervisors. 

Anyone responsible for managing, supervising and employing individuals who engage in licensable activity such as manned security are also expected to hold a non-front line licence, provided front line activity is not carried out - and this also applies to directors and partners.

All employees at Storm Operative Security hold SIA accredited qualifications and licences which combined with our tried and tested training programme ensures we deliver a first class service.

In addition to each member of staff’s personal qualifications, as a company Storm Operative Security is proud of its corporate awards and accreditations:

- National Security Inspectorate Guarding Gold Award including ISO9001 Status
- UKAS Product Certification 0142
- UKAS Quality Management 0142
- BS7499 Providing Security Services
- BS7858 Vetting of Security Personnel

Head of quality standards at the SIA Andrew Shephard underlined just how important qualifications have been to the wider manned security services. 

"The introduction of minimum standards through licence-linked qualifications has been pivotal in professionalising the private security industry," he commented, adding that the qualification can stand professionals in good stead for other applications. 

"Many individuals have used a qualification to support an SIA licence application," he explained, adding: "Since the first door supervisor qualification in 2003, there are now over 1.25 million security qualifications held across the regulated sectors."

It was also noted that the SIA's work can serve as a demonstration of the high standards that are currently being applied in the UK. 

"These qualifications help to establish the private security industry as a recognised career with opportunities for individual development. We all benefit from having more professional security personnel protecting us, the public."


Posted by Andrew Miller

Photo courtesy of Thinkstock/iStock


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