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BSIA hopes to increase engagement with industry customers

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has appointed Pauline Norstrom as its new chairman - and as part of her inaugural speech in the role, she called on the manned security industry as a whole to come together to raise the general awareness of the importance of quality and innovation over price. 

Speaking to BSIA members and industry stakeholders at the Association's Annual Luncheon earlier this month, she outlined her goals for her two-year tenure as chair.


International demand for products and services offered by the UK was singled out as being one of the driving factors of growth in the industry, in addition to the general economic recovery.

Ms Norstrom boasts 15 years' worth of experience in the industry and has a demonstrable knowledge of legislation and technical innovation relating to private security measures. She is a long-serving member of the BSIA's CCTV section and helps to form strategic objectives for the industry body by working closely with the Association's chief executive.

As part of her new role in the group, she will chair the Association's Council, as well as its Operating Board - and will be supported in the first year of her tenure by Geoff Zeidler as immediate past chair.

Mr Zeidler's achievements were praised by Ms Norstrom, who said her predecessor made the most of the influence of legislation, regulation and the development of standards of practice to nurture a more positive industry environment for BSIA members. 

A range of research projects launched by the BSIA in 2013 served to emphasise the importance of the role that can be played by private security in terms of supporting the police and criminal justice system when it comes to making prosecutions. 

Ms Norstrom predicted the group's code of practice will reach even further during her period as chairman, adding that she will also work hard to forge new relationships with key political figures. 

MPs, peers, police and crime commissioners, local government officials and think tanks will be among these. With the General Election on the horizon, political engagement is likely to be a high priority for the BSIA in the midst of a busy public affairs programme over the coming months. 

"My vision is to cultivate an increased understanding of - and engagement with - our industry's customers," Ms Norstrom remarked, adding: "It's crucial to our members' future success that we invite end users to input into influencing the issues that affect them."

She explained this approach could help to ensure that all products and services offered by firms in the security industry meet the requirements expected by clients, in addition to offering a return on investment. 

"Increased engagement with end-users will help members to drive demand by navigating the specification and tender process to their advantage, demonstrating the value of quality to ensure that BSIA membership becomes a key requirement in the competitive process and further enables members to compete and win against competitors who do not care about quality and instead undercut on price at any cost," Ms Norstrom commented. 


Posted by Andrew Miller

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