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Maintaining a positive work environment for security guards

As an employer taking on new security personnel, there are many things you will want to give some consideration to - am I getting the right people for the job? What skills and character traits should I be looking for in my members of staff? 

However, to ensure a high standard of professionalism is maintained at all times, it can be a good idea to take a pro-active stance on keeping the workforce happy and motivated after the initial offer of employment and period of training. 

We've come up with a few tips on how you might want to go about doing this. 

Building a positive work environment

Manned security is a tough and demanding job, so it could help for you to let your staff know they can be comfortable and at ease with your full support behind them at all times. 

One way you could create this atmosphere is by nurturing a team mentality built on mutual respect and a positive work ethic. While this may sound a little general, a few simple considerations can help to generate such an environment. 

Motivate your workforce

A joint report from the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure and the British Security Industry Association identified four key components of a security officer's motivation. These were job satisfaction, staff engagement, job fulfilment and professional pride. You can do your bit to make sure the worker is able to enjoy these through communication. 

Be clear on expectations

The role of a security guard can be very broad - and it certainly varies from job to job. Although it is easy for the employer to take what they want for granted, it is important staff members are clearly informed of this with no ambiguity. If a person is unclear on their precise duties, they could become despondent. 

If all job expectations are clearly outlined and there is an itinerary of duties, it will be much easier for the security guard to stay focused at all times. This also makes it more straightforward to assess performance on a regular basis. 

Keep training

A security guard will have confidence to do their jobs well if they are trained. While you will undoubtedly be looking for professionals who have already been trained to a certain standard, it can be helpful to launch in-house initiatives that focus on the specifics you expect for workers operating in your company. 

Considerations such as interpersonal skills and conflict resolution can be enhanced by regular mini-training sessions - and these also show the worker you are taking an active interest in their professional development. 

Encourage feedback and tackle concerns

If you can get regular updates on the employee's impression of their workplace, you will always have a good idea of how staff feel and any areas where there may be room for improvement. By taking anonymous feedback, you can be sure it will be honest. 

When this has been done, it is important to act on any concerns raised by employees. Taking steps in this manner will show personnel you take them seriously and want them to be content in their roles. 


Posted by Andrew Miller

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