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Changing attitudes to security analysed by BSIA

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has announced the launch of a new survey that is intended to track changing attitudes to security. 

It was specified that those targeted will include professionals responsible for buying and using security products and services for their business. This represents part of a wider initiative on the part of the BSIA to more closely engage with end users. 

As a result, all individuals involved in the procurement and management of security products will have access to the survey, which is available online via the BSIA website. 

The organisation and its members will both be presented with a more thorough understanding of the requirements of customers accessing the services offered by the industry. It will also enable those who can view the findings of the annual survey to analyse the demand for closer cooperation between buyers and suppliers.

A wide range of topics will be covered by the questions asked of respondents. These will include considerations such as the impact of the wider national economic recovery on security spending. 

Ultimately, the survey is intended to single out some of the key emerging trends with regards to buying behaviour. In addition to this, these factors will be related to the kind of security threats that are perceived as being the major considerations for a wide variety of business sectors, including the likes of retail, transport, healthcare and education. 

Another trend that will be identified by the initial run of the survey is how eager those who purchase security services are to forge close links with the BSIA itself, as well as its members. This may help to inform the development of a proposed new stakeholder section of membership with the association. 

Chief executive officer of the BSIA James Kelly explained the thinking behind this move as being that of nurturing enhanced communication between all parties involved in the procurement of security services. He added that this will help buyers to work much more closely with the wider industry. Not only will this make them much more knowledgeable about the kinds of packages they are acquiring, but it will also ensure they are able to keep up to date with the latest developments. 

"Understanding the needs of industry clients will help us plan the formation of this section and ensure that it delivers good value and an effective service to those who join," Mr Kelly remarked. 

He went on to emphasise the fact that this approach from the BSIA will make it much easier for the industry body to engage and communicate with other companies.

"Understanding the attitudes of our industry's clients towards security procurement is a key first step in building an open and frank dialogue with those who drive our industry's continued development and innovation," he commented.

"Through an annual, barometer-style survey, the BSIA aims to gauge the broader security concerns of our industry's clients, while giving us a better understanding of the extent to which security is prioritised within a range of business sectors," Mr Kelly continued. 


Posted by Andrew Miller

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