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BSIA welcomes security buyers to IFSEC

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) will be showcasing the very best of the sector when IFSEC International makes its return to London this week.

From June 17th to 19th, the capital's ExCeL venue will be packed full of stands and displays that highlight the importance and assurance of the latest security innovations.

The BSIA has already outlined that learning, education and training will continue to be the key pillars of the event, allowing any company decision-makers who are interested in protecting their staff and other assets with security to make an informed choice.

For instance, both CCTV and manned security are proven to provide a visible deterrent to criminals, but having a security professional who is willing to go to extra lengths to reassure staff may be favourable in highly populated offices, while an unstaffed depot may be better protected by 24-hour video surveillance.

Several members of the BSIA's Lone Worker section will use the event to demonstrate the latest safety devices and smartphone apps at the jointly held Safety and Health Expo as well.

"There's certainly a buzz of excitement in the air as we count down to IFSEC's return to London," said James Kelly, chief executive of the BSIA, the trade body that represents the UK’s private security industry. "With an impressive number of delegates from across the security buying chain already pre-registered to attend, the BSIA and its members are looking forward to a busy few days."

The event is being organised by UBM Live and the group's marketing manager Ruth Galpine explained that the importance of effective security has meant this will be one of the busier conferences to be held in the capital this year.

She said pre-registration for IFSEC was incredibly healthy, with figures tracking at 45 per cent up on just 12 months ago.

"This is due to the relocation to London, opening the event up to end-users and international visitors, both of which we've seen a huge increase in, plus all of the new visitor features, education and customer experience initiatives that organisers UBM have put in place for this year," added Ms Galpine.

As mentioned, all manner of security solutions will be showcased at the event, making it particularly informative to those new to the sector. The BSIA tells anyone looking for the services of a manned security provider to recognise the growing responsibilities of personnel and their increasing public interface. 

In the past, the BSIA explains that security guarding may have been viewed as a 'grudge' purchase, with some customers looking to simply get the cheapest option on offer. However, like with all other security solutions, the lowest cost is not necessarily the most cost effective.

Buyers are advised to look at the calibre and staff retention of prospective suppliers' personnel and the security company's ability to provide a consistent quality of service before making an important decision.

As such, the BSIA promotes a 'best value over lowest cost' approach and asks a buyer to look at the multitude of ways a security provider can benefit a premise or even a whole company.

Posted by Jamie Kendell

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