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Guard steps in at Buckingham Palace potential intruder incident

One of Queen Elizabeth's armed guards had to break royal protocol and step in to defend the palace to prevent any potential danger occurring last Friday (April 4th).

The Sun reported how a man had been shouting at royal protection officers for five minutes, demanding to be given a "private audience" with Her Majesty.

An armed guard then took it upon himself to intervene and ran 50 yards to assist his colleague with the incident that was unfolding. This apparently caused 23-year-old Nigerian Tosin Odunaiya's temper to flare.

Mr Odunaiya was ushered away after he was given some words of advice, but was not arrested.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: "We are aware of an incident outside Buckingham Palace on Friday and, while no one came to any harm and there were no arrests, we are very clear that the Metropolitan Police lead on Royal Security arrangements, including outside the Palace itself."

It is believed this was Mr Odunaiya's fifth attempt to gain access to Buckingham Palace.

He is quoted by the Sun as having said: "I wanted to speak with the Queen and presumed the royal family would have welcomed me as their lost son."

The paper also reports that, on previous entry attempts, he had brought a toothbrush with him, as an indication of his optimism about being able to stay at the palace.

It is not normal procedure for armed guards to leave their post in this way, unless a royal is deemed to be under threat. This is because the police take responsibility for the lion's share of issues that relate to the protection of the premises.

The benefits of a uniformed security presence

While this incident was quickly mitigated, it highlights the importance of having manned security guards.

Normally the mere presence of such officers will deter criminals from planning a break-in of some description. However, if in the unfortunate case they pursue, guards who know how to handle such a situation are of vital importance.

Staff and visitors are likely to feel more confident about entering and working in your premises, if they know there is a smart, uniformed guard at the door.

In addition, if you have a reception area, our guards will not keep themselves to themselves, but rather will happily interact with others and be of assistance wherever necessary. Some of our personnel are even considered to be an extra member of the team.

Our 16 years of experience mean we are an expert in this field and, in the same way as the Queen's armed guard, our security team are happy to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of your personnel.

Whether this is by walking staff to their car after they've been working late or providing additional support in another area, Storm guards will happily oblige.

Posted by Andrew Miller

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