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Manned guarding - not just another face in the office

While you are likely to primarily use a hired guard for the purpose of protecting your premises against possible break-ins, the personnel provided by Storm Operative Security offer so much more.

Of course, a security professional's main role is to ward off any potential offenders from causing damage or taking anything from the business that doesn't belong to them. Our 16 years of experience ensure that this is something our guards are more than adequate to deal with.

But what really makes our services stand out are the little extras our staff bring to your firm - they're not just another face in the office, they're one of the team and we encourage them to get involved at every level.

Going beyond the call of duty

Don't just expect our guards to stand still in the same spot all day like the beefeaters at Buckingham Palace.

They are quite happy to assist in any tasks that may be considered to be outside of their remit. If someone needs a hand carrying boxes of files across the office or alerting someone when their visitor has arrived at the premises, then they shouldn't be afraid of asking.

Similarly, our guards are hired to protect not only the building, but its staff. If a worker feels unsafe walking across a dark car park to their vehicle after-hours, then our guards will accompany them - offering peace of mind and a deterrent to anyone looking to take advantage of vulnerable individuals.

Represent your firm in a positive light

If you regularly have clients visiting the workplace, then nothing says you care about the welfare of your firm more than the presence of a smartly-dressed security guard.

This attitude of taking business seriously can pay off dividends, giving your visitor the right impression that you look after your premises, staff and customers all under the same umbrella.

Our guards also effectively act as front-of-house representatives to a certain extent, with their polite manner and helpful nature painting a positive picture of the professional, welcoming ethos you no doubt want your organisation to be portrayed as.

Interact with other staff

Our guards don't just stand near the door or in the corner of the reception area and keep themselves to themselves. We emphasise how important it is to be friendly and approachable with other colleagues in the office.

We are of the belief that by getting to know other members of the team, this allows our security professionals to do their job better.

For example, they may learn more about potential aspects of the firm that make it vulnerable to crime. Similarly, this may make them more aware of issues that could lead to situations where their services may be needed in the future.

From a social point of view, it's also nice for the guard to feel as though they belong with the company they are charged with looking after. If both sides are receptive and welcoming to one another, then the job is much easier to do.

Posted by Andy Issot

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