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Why manned security is best

So, you feel as though you need to take better security measures when it comes to looking after your office out of hours.

There are plenty of options available to you as you consider how to improve the protection of your workplace against thieves, who would potentially look to take advantage when nobody is around.

However, at Storm Operative Security, our 16 years of experience in the industry tell us the most effective method of ensuring you don't fall foul of a break-in is by employing a professional guard to look after your interests. Here's why:

Reactive, not observative

Unlike CCTV cameras, a security guard can react to what is going on, rather than simply document it for analytical use after the unfortunate event.

Having a human being on-site is an active deterrent - for a start, thieves aren't going be chased by a camera, but they will be by someone who is being paid to protect the area. This is an automatic reason why potential offenders are likely to look elsewhere.

Similarly, investing in a burglar alarm, reinforced doors or new locks can all slow an intruder down. But if there is nobody there to intervene, then they are likely to eventually get what they want, if they are determined enough.

Of course, having a manned security presence is not exclusive of having any of these measures in place and the best situation would to be to have as many of these at your disposal as possible. However, if you needed to prioritise, then these are all important facts worth considering.

Reassuring for staff

Having a uniformed guard on the premises can certainly act as a reassuring influence for your personnel - especially when they're leaving work on those dark nights.

The professionals supplied by Storm are always happy to go the extra mile - be it walking employees to their car to help them feel safe or offering additional assistance that others may consider to be outside of their remit.

This can not only have a benefit on the morale of your staff if they feel as though they are being looked after, but importantly it also reduces the risk of anything untoward happening once the working day is over.

Create a positive perception of your business

If you regularly have clients visiting your office, then they will instantly get a good impression of your company when they see a smart, uniformed security guard waiting to greet them at the door.

Our personnel are all approachable and friendly, and are considered to be an extra member of the team by many who use them.

Their presence will make guests feel as though you take the welfare of your business and its employees seriously, and you are prepared to invest in order to protect them.

If you have a reception area, you'll find Storm security guards don't just stand in the corner and keep themselves to themselves - they are happy to interact with other members of staff and lend their assistance whenever it is needed.

Posted by Julie Tucker

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